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Understanding some of the most common roof problems experienced by homeowners can be a valuable asset in identifying and preventing future issues. Leaks and moisture, damaging high winds, and poor installation are among the most frequently experienced problems. Some problems are easier to spot than others which is exactly why contacting the best roofers in the business in a timely manner is vital if any damage or potential problem with a roof is suspected. The longer a problem persists, the more extensive and costly the damage can be. It’s alarming how few homeowners take the time to periodically examine the roof over their heads.

Leaks and Moisture

By far the most common roof problem, leaks and moisture can cause extensive damage if not taken care of by an experienced professional as quickly as possible. Once moisture seeps into the layers of a roof, the onset of mould and rot can begin in a matter of days. Even the smallest leak can cause devastating damage to your home. Leaks and moisture are more often than not caused by improper installation or the surprisingly strong elements. Rain, snow, hail, and even frost can lead to widespread damage. Look for a leak in your roof or the presence of unwanted moisture, including water spots, dampness, and mould growth.


The wind can be one of the most damaging things a roof is exposed to on a day-to-day basis. A large storm isn’t required to cause damage to a roof. Even a single strong gust on a sunny day can be more than enough to damage a shingle or remove it completely. A poorly installed roof is especially prone to damage from the wind, as shingles and flashing need to be properly bound to the roof. If you notice damage to bits or even the entire roof full of shingles around your home, call the most experienced and reputable roofers immediately to investigate. Finding a problem quickly can greatly reduce not only the cost of the repair, but also the potential for damage caused by a leak in the roof.

Poor Installation

The longevity of your roof is directly proportional to the quality of its installation. Even when purchasing twenty-five year shingles, cedar roofing, or any other long-lasting roofing solution, an experienced hand is vital. The flashing around the edge of a roof and any ventilation openings are especially important to install correctly as even a simple mistake could lead to leaks and unwanted moisture. Premature aging and shortened product life expectancy can be reduced dramatically simply by having a roof installed by a true professional.
There are dozens of potential roofing issues that can cause headaches for homeowners. If you suspect an issue with your roof, contact a certified roofing expert as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of potential damage. The finest in the GTA are able to identify common roof problems and provide solutions to remedy the issue quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


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